Pastoral Candidates


Koinonia Pastor Search & Selection Process

Mid June through mid Aug. A half-time position was advertised through a variety of avenues.  The search team reviewed nine profiles.  After a review of written material, email exchanges, and informal discussions, two candidates were selected for further consideration.
Until Sep. 4 Any member of the church community may choose to join the search team as a new member anytime through Sep. 4.
Sep. 4 & 11 Each candidate will make an introductory visit with the congregation.  Each will conduct a Sunday service, meet in person with the church council, and provide an opportunity for church members to talk with them informally.  The Sunday messages will be made available online for those who are unable to attend in person.
Sep. 4-18 During the week following each candidate’s visit, the search committee will solicit input from the church community via online or written survey about that candidate.  This input will direct the search committee throughout the rest of the process.
Sep. 19 – Oct. 16 The search committee will use input from the church community to develop questions for the candidates.  The committee will then conduct formal interviews of each candidate as well as check candidate references.
The search committee will make a recommendation to the council.  The committee will either recommend one of the two candidates be hired as our new pastor or will recommend that neither candidate be hired.  If neither candidate is recommended, the search committee and council will jointly determine the next step(s).If the council concurs with the search team’s recommendation, that recommendation will be taken to the congregation for consideration and action by consensus.   (If the council does not concur with the search team’s recommendation, the search team and council will work jointly to determine the next steps.)