Why Koinonia?

These are some reasons people have expressed for coming to Koinonia:

“We are seeking a liberal spiritual community to sustain ourselves . . . and a meaningful place for our child to develop an appreciation for spirituality.”

“We found Koinonia through River Canyon School and were attracted by Koinonia’s open philosophy based on many faith traditions. Since attending, we have been particularly grateful for the sense of inclusion and community.”

“Koinonia is a community that supports my spiritual growth and helps me create a more compassionate world. I appreciate the network of people that help me make informed choices and practice living mindfully.”

“Koinonia provides for an exploration of spirituality. The dogma associated with many religions takes a back seat.”

“We found Koinonia by websurfing and reading Mike Burr’s message: Is It Christian?¬†We were impressed by the uplifting openness of his thoughts, so unlike the usual sermons in Christian churches. We have found Koinonia to be a place of continuing questions and spiritual growth.”

“I grew up Brethren . . . and appreciate Brethren’s and Koinonia’s values: simply, peacefully, together. There’s no other church in Grand Junction with the liberal questioning, openmindedness, and that is grounded in the Christian tradition and teachings of Jesus.”

“Koinonia’s children’s program has inspired conversations at home with the kids about important issues that we otherwise wouldn’t discuss. No other church in the Grand Valley offers a perspective so consistent with our values.”

“Finally a place for beaten-up Christian misfits where no one gets beaten up, but everyone is ‘enough’ and gets uplifted spiritually, to face the challenges of daily life.”